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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Time to move on

Two years ago I found myself drifitng towards the end of a job contract without any real idea of where to go next. I'd just done eight years in corporate PR and was coming to the end of a brief acquaintance with a global agency. Not wanting to return to corprate PR again I formed my own PR company, with the idea of specialising in international PR for Danish companies.

Since January 2007, I have learned a hugh amount: about myself and about the PR/communications business. I've worked with some of Denmark's biggest companies and some of the smallest and newest. I've launched products, written articles and press releases, developed media lists, talked to journalists all over the globe and found my way back into blogging and social media after a six-year break.

But from the end of the year I'm closing the company and moving on. My new job, which I have already started, is as a copywriter and strategist for Eye for Image, Denmark's leading English copywriting bureau. Why the change? Well, for starters, I've found myself doing less and less PR and more copywriting work for my clients. Public Relations is still underdeveloped in Denmark and is still focused on the traditional communication 'products' such as press releases, brochures and web sites. Even more so in the international arena.

So I have taken the consequences of my experience and teamed up with Eye for Image. I've known the guys at Eye for Image for about three - four years, first as a client, then they were kind enough to help me get my PR business up and running, generously giving their help to get me over the first hurdles as a business owner.

If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly
For the past 18 months I've been the lodger in the Eye for Image offices and have had the opportunity to observe the team and the way they work at first hand. They are not only suberbly professional, but a great bunch to work alongside. So when I was offered a job, there was little doubt in my mind that I'd like to join. Running a business is a fascinating, frustrating thing to do, but I have discovered that on balance I prefer to concentrate on doing the best job I can for clients rather than worrying about tax returns.

And if you're going to work for someone else, it might as well be the best.

Over the next three months, I'm going to be winding down Native Edge working on Eye for Image clients alongside my own. So, I'd like to give a public thanks for all the people who have helped me over the past two years and to the clients who have trusted me - and here's to the future.


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Quickbooks haters of the world unite

 Less Accounting - a web based accounting package for small business owners who aren't accountants - has developed a novel use for Twitter by creating the site We All Hate Quickbooks, Do You? - What Twitter Users Are Saying. The site pulls in all Twitter posts - good and bad - and displays them. Simple. Then it leaves it up to you to decide whether Quickbooks is good or bad.

Thanks to Russell for the link. 

Monday, 21 July 2008

Harold Evans: 'These grand designs must have stories to back them up'

An interview with one of the greatest journalists ever about the importance of good content. If you want to write well in any media you should get a copy of 'Newsman's English'.

Harold Evans: 'These grand designs must have stories to back them up' - Media, News - The Independent

Friday, 13 June 2008

Newspaper SEO to earn money

A good article by Joost de Valk that adds another angle to the new business model for newspapers - how many actually optimise their site and content to increase the number of visitors? That can reap benefits in advertising (why hasn't that already started to replace classifieds?) and paid for views of archive material for researchers.

Newspaper SEO