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Monday, 11 June 2007

"If I'm short of any articles on my website, then I get someone in India to write me a couple."

As a writer and PR professional, the above comment in a meeting shook me a little. But it really shows where the world is going and where some of the challenges exist for global communicators.

I earn a living by helping Danish companies to communicate in English, my native language. I tell myself that I'm competing with other Danish bureaus that can't write or communicate in English so well. But as the quote shows, that's not really the case. I'm now competing with the world and especially with former British colonies where 'proper' English is still taught.

The argument against outsourcing texts is of course that client contact is all important and you can only develop a good text with the active participation of the client. And you can argue that with modern technology briefing a writer in India is no different from briefing one in London or Stockholm - or Copenhagen.

As communications professionals we need to make sure that the client sees the value in what we do - but there may be areas where we can benefit from outsourcing.

No doubt there is a retired journalist somewhere in Bangalore who can copy edit faster than I can - giving me time to spend on other tasks.

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