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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Danish PR bureaus lack own blogging experience

Danish PR bureau Rescu Kommunikation has just published a survey that shows bureaus here aren't not very active, to say the least. According to Rescu, only seven out of 58 bureaus have a blog or one underway.

As Rescu points out, you don't have to have a blog as an agency, but if you are advising companies on whether to blog or not, then a bit of personal insight might be a good idea.

The reasons given in a follow-up newspaper article were:

  • Lack of subjects
  • Lack of time
  • Not wanting to appear as an opinion former

All fairly reasonable, but to my mind a bit thin.

If you are used to wandering round in the blogosphere (and you should be if you are advising companies) and can't find subjects I'd be worried.

As far as time is concerned, you can use as much or little as you need - just because you can update every 30 secs, doesn't mean you have to.

And finally, if you have a PR bureau that doesn't have an opinion on its profession that can be made public, then I'd go looking for another bureau...

1 comment:

Christian Bogh said...

Hi Andrew

I have to agree. As I pointed out in the article - not everybody have to have a blog. Especially if you don't have anything on your mind, but then you properly shouldn't give advice on the subject.

And I can't understand the "lack of time" explanation. Every company have the time to make advertising, send out direct mails, make phone calls, make news on the company website etc. but they don't have the time to blog?

Blogging can be at least as strong a tool as e.g. direct mails and in my opinion much stronger. So why not take the time? Perhaps it's because they can't see the ROI. I don't know...